Age Of Aquarius Research Paper

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We’re in a time of awakening, it 's easy to imagine being swept up in a force greater than you. It 's the lifting of veils that reveal illusions that traps us into believing that we have to be part of a system that no longer works for all the people. The radical social changes in the 1960s happened when the conjunction of the planet Uranus occurred. This is a planet ruled by the sign Aquarius and the coming New Age. This event represents the changes needed for the Age of Aquarius, liberating US to seek new ways of living. When does the Age of Aquarius begin? And what is the Age of Aquarius? The Age of Aquarius is not part of astronomy. It’s an astrological age, which occurs because of a real motion of Earth known as the precession of the equinoxes, which, for example, causes the identity of the pole star to change over time. The cycle of precession lasts 25,800 years, and there are 12 constellations of the Zodiac. So, roughly every 2,150 years, the sun’s position at the time of the…show more content…
If this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, where 's the peace and love you may ask? The first time I heard of the Age of Aquarius was in the 60’s by the group the 5th Dimension and it sounded really cool and made sense to me. In 1969 the song Age of Aquarius became a very popular song. I then started listening to the song over and over again trying to understand the meaning, but at that time I was young and really had no way of understanding these lyrics. It was many years later that the song still stuck in my head began to take meaning. I didn’t know at the time that this was real. It is hard to understand the words without the meaning behind them. Today this song has revealed it meaning to me finally. The Beatle also were very popular in the 60’s and many people understood the message they were channeling in their lyrics. Listen to any of these songs and you may be surprised that they have so much more meaning today then you may have noticed before. There are clues
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