Age Of Exploration And Technology Essay

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New technological advances, as well as better weaponry, were one of the many causes of the Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration has lasting effects on the New World, Europe and still currently today. The three major effects were economic, cultural, and social changes. One of the effects could be summarized as an economic, cultural, and social change. This effect was the new advances, of technology and weaponry.
The economic changes, during the Age of Exploration, had a lot to do with trade. A multitude of countries traded amongst each other for items, such as luxury goods or spices, in exchange for items they had surpluses of. America, Europe, and Africa, all traded with each other, as well as other countries. This process was known as the Triangular Trade. Before this time period, they didn’t have as many opportunities to trade, as they did during the Age of Exploration. New technological advances, such as the Caravel, which was used as cargo ships, warships, patrol or dispatch boats and also pirate ships, and the Astrolabe, an angle, and altitude measuring tool, helped further administrate the idea of trading throughout the colonies. As an
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One of the many effects caused by the advances in technology and weaponry is how sailors learned more about geography and navigation. During the time before the Age of Exploration, sailors didn’t have a lot of knowledge, about navigation or geography. However, the Age of Exploration, gave people valuable knowledge, after explorers went on voyages. They used their knowledge to make ships become faster and more maneuverable. The magnetic compass was an advancement to the in new weaponry. By the fifteenth century, the use of the magnetic compass had become widespread. This innovation helped the Age of Exploration thrive because it showed explorers what direction they were headed; it helped explorers reach their
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