The Age Of Exploration Pros And Cons

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However, this is merely covering the horror that was the Age of Exploration. One major negative brought upon the world is the decimation of natives. First of all, many Spanish conquistadors sailed off from Spain to come and conquer the Americas as described in Discovering our past. Unfortunately for them, there were already two major empires, the Aztecs and the Incas. Over the course of time, explorers Pizarro and Cortès end up defeating those empires. Cortès had a small army, compared to the massive army numbering thousands of men that the Aztecs boasted. As Cortès marched to the Aztec capital, Montezuma II, current leader of the Aztecs, chose to plan an ambush. Cortès learned of the ambush before it was due and avoided the possible massacre…show more content…
Thus the freedom of belief was stripped from those people, the freedom of belief being what most humans worldwide cherish still today. Also, had Europe left the Americas alone, the world would be more diverse and generally different. Being the superpower that the U.S. is, it affects the world greatly having influenced wars, started wars, ended wars, and planted the roots of hatred in many different places. It is difficult to argue whether the U.S. has had a more positive or more negative impact on the world. However, it is clear the U.S. and all the countries of the Americas are built upon the massacre of millions of natives, many who had wished the Europeans no harm. Overall, this factor of the Age of Exploration negative and it changed American history in a most negative way, resetting it to the point when the Europeans first came. Finally, the biggest and most horrifying outcome of the Age of Exploration was the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Slaves were taken from Africa to be used somewhere else in the Americas. Europeans would sometimes use bribing to get rival tribes to betray each other and hand over each other’s enemy. Then slaves would be shoved into large slave ships and they were treated very badly, according to BBC’s The…show more content…
Today, without the Age of Exploration, there would many more Africans, Africa might be more developed, the Americas would also have kept flourishing with their powerful empires that had thrived for generations, mass deaths would not have happened, for Europeans, like the Spanish Armada, and for other ethnicities, like slavery. Although it did allow for Europe and North America to flourish, it was due to the deaths of millions of innocent people who had no grudge against the Europeans. The Europeans who were so proud of being white and being of their culture came to destroy other races and impose their own culture, selfishly. It was not a good idea either to start the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade because money is like a drug, like nicotine, it draws in and it hooks onto whoever is caught. The riches to be gained from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade attracted many people and once the habit had begun, there was no stopping it for many years. Overall, the Age of Exploration was dark and full of horrible events, leaving holes in history, holes to be covered by stories of the winning
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