Age Of Exploration Pros And Cons

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Our global world is full of different cultures, religions and different ideologies. The greediness of humans for power has caused conflicts which sadly lead to war. But humans are not only selfish and bad, they also are curious and good. The human curiosity has lead to the age of exploration. The age of exploration was a period from 1400 to 1600 in which Europeans traveled the rest of the world in search of goods, raw materials, land, and trade partners according to the Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Even Though the Europeans ended some civilizations such as the Aztecs and Incas, the age of exploration caused more progress than damage to our current global world. Some advantages of the age of exploration were the improvement of cartography and trade, better understanding of geography and economic prosperity. The improvement of cartography and trade was one of the major advantages of the age of exploration. Cartography is the science or the practice of making maps. Maps are one means by which scientists distribute their ideas and pass them on to future generations (Merriam 1996). Maps are one of the most important records of our global world, they not only show where each country, city, sea… is but also teaches lots of things about the past. Cartography improved a lot in the age of exploration. The first whole world map began in the early 16th century following the voyages of the Spanish and other Europeans to the Americas, known as the New World. As the cartography
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