Age Of Exploration Research Paper

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In the 1500’s, Europeans start exploring new parts of the world that they would change forever. Places like the Americas, Africa, and Asia, with rich cultures, wealth, and their own governments would soon be introduced to new religions, trade, disease, and medicine. The age of exploration moved ideas and different cultures all around the world. The Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and English were the main players in the age of exploration. With new ideas come new problems. The Age of Exploration meant trade; trade meant the spread of new ideas. Trade was made possible through the labor of slaves. “[The] Age of Exploration was at first dominated by the Portuguese and the Spanish” (Alchin). They dominated slave trade in the early stages of colonization.…show more content…
This includes racism, slavery, and diseases. A lot of the racism against Native Americans is still a present day issue, along with non-white immigrants. Slavery existed before the Age of Exploration and American slaves were treated just as bad. It made slavery more accessible and easy to do. This is one of the reasons why there is still racism against Native Americans; Europeans were taught through generations that racism is okay. The main issue with the Age of Exploration was disease. Through trade and slavery came deadly diseases that left many people dead. Disease was one of the main factors of death in America, along with the harsh working environments for slaves. The Age of Exploration’s negative impact outweighed the positive impact.
The Age of Exploration had both, good and bad impacts in America. The bad, however, definitely outweighs the good. The slave trade, disease, and religion shaped the country we live in today. But, if they had not happened, there might be less racism, death, and hate crimes for religion. The Age of Exploration was the start of a new legacy that is the Americas, today, be it good or
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