Annotated Bibliography On Enlightenment

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English 1 H

April 24 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Topic: Age of Reason/Enlightenment

"Age of Reason.", 2002,

The Age of Reason was a movement that pursued the religion, mysticism, and superstition that the middle ages had. During the Age of Reason, people previously held concepts of conduct and thought was being challenged verbally and written. It also includes the Age of Enlightenment, which is a shorter time period. During that time, exploration and scientific thought changed drastically. Enlightenment, reason, and rationality became dominant due to a great change in the tale of people's stay on earth. It is stated in the article that
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It also has a quote by Immanuel Kant which is his definition of Enlightenment. This source is objective because it has the Christian view and it has the view of reason, rationality, and enlightenment. There are pieces of information in this that is supported by other articles, but it is also contradicted. This article says that the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason are two different things, but the other one says that the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason are the same thing. This is helpful by telling the audience that the Age of Reason is simply a time period where man moved their beliefs from believing that God or some other bigger force made things happen to and moved it to using rationale and science to explain…show more content…
This does not seem to be pushing one side or the other on the audience, it just gives the facts in what they thought. This source is very useful because it gives the reader both sides of the argument and it is up to them to decide who is and is not right and they can use the facts in the article to help. This source is trying to give the people both viewpoints on Burke and Paine and it is extremely informational. This article is not like the others in the bibliography. The other ones give what the Enlightenment and Age of Reason are, but this one gives the influence on the French Revolution which is helpful to create a

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