Age Of Reason Dbq Research Paper

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In the Age of Reason, also known as the Enlightenment period, times were changing. Originally, people’s perception of life was based on religion. Religion had answers to things such as why you were sick, or why you were poor. This time occurred in the 17th century when certain scientist, philosophers, and writers decided that there were other reasons besides religion on why things happened. Many believed that all life could be explained by scientific views rather than religion. This period was revolutionary, and it has a lot to do with how we operate in our day to day lives. “They knew little antiquity; they knew (except fables) not much above five hundred years before themselves; they knew but a small portion of the world” (document B). In today’s times, we know a wide variety of knowledge, not only from the past and present but even for the future. Many during the Enlightenment…show more content…
They began to make new discoveries, and they found out different reasonings for sciences and mathematics. Document D shows the KJV of the “Holy Bible”. This is what people were living by, and it was all enforced by King James. Document E shows the “Temptation of Eve”. Many Christians believe that the first sin, caused by Eve, is why women have pregnancy pains, why men have to labor, and why people have to die, with no eternal life. The new founding’s made by scientist and philosophers thought that there could be other “realistic” reasons on why things like such happened. The Enlightenment Era was revolutionary because the people were finally finding their voices. Instead of basing their day to day lives off of religion, they grew a curiosity for intellect. Certain people who were Deist believed that there was a God and that he created all life, but He was not involved in every little thing that transpired in their daily operations. The people were finally breaking away from the church and changing the views on
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