Age Of Reason In The American Revolution

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Before America was all one for independence. While people fought in many conflicts and battles to become free and independent states. Independence is one of the main concepts in the reason, which occurred during the American Revolution. The concepts of age of reason were well used during this time and it influenced historical events within the establishment of the United States. The four well known texts, “The Crisis”, The Speech in the Virginia Convection”, “The Declaration of Independence”, and “The Constitution”, were all influenced by characteristics from the Age of Reason. In the Crisis, which was a pamphlet by Thomas Paine. That showed the fight for American independence. As he tries to get people to believe revolution is right. By using God, rhetorical questions, repetitions, anecdotes, and good persuasive techniques. One that catches the reader’s attention is “If we reason to the root of things we shall find no difference”. This quote really comes for the kings and queens that are pushing them to slavery. Which is just one quote he used but there all over the text. That he uses to push the people to fight back. “I love the man that can smile at trouble; that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection”. This was mainly for the soldiers, but also for others to fight back and not punk out in bad situations. As he says all through the text just in a different way. In the Speech in the Virginia Convection by Patrick Henry, meant nothing but war.
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