Age Of Revolution Research Paper

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The Age of Revolution The Great Rebellion, The War for Independence, The American Rebellion, The Colonial Uprising, The Great American Rebellion, The Revolutionary War; such important event gets to have a variety of names and denominations. The American Revolution, the battle for independence American colonies undertook against Britain, gave birth to the nation and the world we know nowadays. This powerful, electrifying, historical event was caused primarily by the Boston Tea Party, which led to the Intolerable Acts and the First and Second Continental Congress. Also, many internal and external wars influenced the American Revolution, such as the French Indian War. The British were imposing American colonies to pay higher taxes for every printed document. Colonies suffered slavery and malfeasance…show more content…
Residents of the colonies, were branched into two groups with different perceptions: Loyalists and Patriots. The Loyalists (15-20% of the population) were loyal to the British King. They were against American Independence. In contrast, the Patriots wanted independence and freedom. Patriots way of thinking is similar to my understanding. Patriots believed their individual liberties had been violated by Britain. In that situation, I would appeal an independence as the Patriots did. The American Revolution was truly justified. Colonies were being unfairly taxed and slaved by the British. The Age of Revolution changed and improved the American life. Thomas Jefferson said that America needed a revolution and independence. “When any form of Government becomes destructive of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it is the people’s right to alter or abolish it” – Thomas J. Naturally, humans demand freedom and independence. American colonies lacked all these concepts. The American Revolution gave a decent life in the colonies. “Never again, satisfaction felt like a distant memory” –
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