Essay On Cross Sectional Studies

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• In the middle years, people are diagnosed more with arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Middle adulthood is also the time when people are diagnosed with coronary heart disease. Physical activity typically decreases around the middle years, so becoming overweight and inactive are both factors of getting these diseases. The behavioral changes I could make right now to reduce my chances are becoming more active and eat healthier. (Pg. 504) • Cross-sectional studies test people of different ages at the same point in time. The research may suffer from cohort effects. Cross-sectional studies may underestimate intelligence in older people. (Pg. 498) Longitudinal studies test the same people over a span of time, which were started to overcome cohort problems in cross-sectional research. Longitudinal studies showed a different development for intelligence. Adults show stable intelligence scores until mid-thirties and some into their fifties, but at some point scores tend to decrease. (Pg. 498) • Changing family situations of middle adulthood consist of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. The empty nest syndrome is when the youngest child leaves home and both parents experience unhappiness, loneliness, and depression. (Pg. 520) Boomerang children are ones…show more content…
The disadvantages are that it can be more difficult for the family members to provide care. The advantages of hospice care are that they provide a warm, supportive environment for the dying. The disadvantage is that they do not focus on extending the life of the dying, they only want to make it comfortable for them to do so. Hospitals are impersonal, have less visiting hours, they are designed to make people better, it is very expensive to provide care for dying people. Hospitals are not equipped to provide the terminally ill patient and family with emotional support. (Pg.
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