Ageism In Society Today

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Ageism is a serious problem in today’s society. Ageist stereotyping happens today just as it did in the stories I read. We need stereotypes to a point, but it goes too far when the stereotype is wrong. Especially, ageism because people group others into vast age categories that are often wrong. The stereotype may be wrong for more than half of the people in the age group that’s why ageism is unjust. This stereotype is very unfair because of the fact that it can cost older people their jobs because of the age stereotype that they are to old and slow to do anything. In the stories I read ageism caused a lot of problems for older people just as they do today. This prejudice can hurt older people in many different ways. It can cost them jobs,…show more content…
Nevertheless, Hollywood is a major contributor to this major problem. How are you supposed to teach your kids what is right when what they watch on tv is full of this horrid prejudice. How is it that people do not see how their prejudice now is going to be their downfall in years to come. Ignorance is a key component in the mixture that is ageism. Television is a magnificent tool, but in many cases such as this one, it is a terrible weapon of mass destruction. We as a society are creating this prejudice that will affect all of us one way or…show more content…
Especially in front of younger generations. If we all change our way of thinking then the younger generations will grow up knowing nothing different. Truly step back and think about it we may discriminate against elders now but in a fairly short period of time we will all be in their shoes. Notwithstandingly, then the children of today will grow up to be you tomorrow and you will be the elders that you stereotype today. So unless you change your thinking as well as the younger generations you will be the next victim of the injustice you are imposing on the elders of
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