Empowerment Model Of Ageism

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Empowerment practice aims at joining people together to enable them to gain power in themselves and in the social, political, and economic environment. This paper looks at ageism in the elderly population from multiple perspectives for developing an empowerment practice framework. Historical View This view involves learning a group’s history and its relation to social policy. The term “ageism” came into existence in 1969. Robert Butler used this term to describe how old people withdraw from society because the society has not established balanced perspective about age groups. According to Achenbaum (2015), ageism was a systemic stereotyping of individuals based on their age. Ageism manifested in individual and institutional levels during…show more content…
Aging represents a complex combination of physiological, behavioral, and environmental changes. These changes occur at individual and community levels. The ecological view is based on the notion that behavioral and environmental factors play a crucial role in determining the patterns of health and well-being throughout the life of an individual (Satariano, 2005). The ecological model tries to identify possible interventions from biologic to environmental levels which could delay disease and death. In doing so, it increases the chances for health and longevity of older people. To understand ageism from an ecological view, it is important to understand its definitions in microsystem levels within organizations. The ecological view places emphasis on patterns of functioning and prolonged existence when the place, gender, and socioeconomic status come into…show more content…
Critical perspective helps in the analysis of social, ideological and economic structures of society. It also studies how they impact individual problems because it is based on the idea that individual problems are caused by unbalanced social structures. Powerlessness among older people is a consequence of the abuse of power by younger generations. Young individuals withdraw the power of the elderly by taking away resources from them, therefore this process promotes inadequacy in the lives of individuals and communities. People should use power appropriately to enable the elderly to attain bargaining power in our society, which will promote empowerment and a greater sense of self-worth. This will encourage people to assist others to empower themselves and focus on social change. When people and societies work jointly to address ageism, they will develop an insight of the problem, a better understanding of other populations, and commit to progressive processes that can assist everyone, including the elderly, to gain

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