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Agencies Final Written Reflection: Mayfair Care Center Cole and I volunteered at the Mayfair Care Center located near Heritage Park in Calgary. Being one of the older care centers in Calgary at 43 years old, the building was renovated recently and appeared to be quite new, creating an enjoyable environment during my volunteering. Each day had a schedule that Cole and I proceeded with. We would complete two activities, we always would play card bingo and then the second activity rotated week by week through the following games: balloon badminton, carpet bowling, bocci ball, shrimp throw, archery). When we arrived at the center, around 1:45-12:00 we would begin moving the residents to the first activity: card bingo. Out of the four wings of the center, two were available and Cole and I proceeded with moving the people from those wings to the therapy wing where card bingo took place. The other two wings had lunch until around 1:15 so once we finished with the previous two wings, we went to the…show more content…
Through extensive communication with the residents over the past few months, I have continuously improved my way of interaction. Since many of the residents were audibly and visually impaired, communication was difficult in the beginning. However I soon got to know the different conditions of the residents. I also learned and began to find different ways that made it easier to talk with individual people. For example, one of the residents: Clara, had quite a difficult time hearing and also it was sometimes difficult to understand her voice. Due to this, I frequently chose to talk to her which enabled me to practice communication with someone who communicating with was hard. Therefor, when I got out of my agency and started communicating with other people it was much easier and I could really notice a difference in the development of my communication

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