Case Study Of Agency Diversity: Sally Kate Winters Family Services

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Agency Diversity: Sally Kate Winters Family Services
Janae Harris
Intro to Social Work
Mississippi State University
Dr. Kenya McKinley
October 17, 2014

In this paper, I will be discussing the diversity within the staff at Sally Kate Winters Family Services and also diversity competency in social workers. It is essential for social workers to be as diversely competent as possible so that they can serve families in a manner with which they are comfortable. All social workers are called on to serve people who are different from themselves in some way. Differences include race, ethnicity, age, gender, physical or mental ability, physical appearance, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic standing.
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The Native American way of thinking, rather than being linear, tends to be circular or systemic, everything is related to everything else. Past, present, and future are very much intertwined. One means for depicting the native life concept is the circle, which encompasses nature or everything that comes from Mother Earth. Mind, spirit, and body are all seen as major parts yet a part of the whole. All life is sacred and all aspects of nature, as well as all things, all events, and people, are related. Family is very important and it is the extended family that is the focal point. Children are valued and belong to the tribe and the extended family. Grandparents are of great importance in the raising of children; in fact, they often are of greater importance than parents. Elders are greatly respected. Sharing and giving are important. There is a sense that time is to be used in showing respect and caring for others, not the importance of “being on…show more content…
African Americans have diverse roots and histories that create diversity within their culture. At the same time, African Americans share the experience of living in a society that is racist and has continued to marginalize them, even in the face of legal challenges to discrimination and oppression. Diversity within the African American culture exists because of variation in their roots. More recently, many African Americans have become economically successful and have been able to move to other areas with better housing and more opportunities. Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of African American families have not enjoyed the same success and are still mired in poverty in our inner cities. What is remarkable is that the progress that African Americans have made since slavery has been almost entirely at their own hands. Little if any assistance has been given by the dominant culture. In fact much of the progress made by African Americans has actually occurred in spite of barriers that have been and continue to be erected by the dominant

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