Agenda Setting Theory In The Media

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Introduction To understand what agenda setting is first we need to understand the agenda setting theory which was presented by Maxwell mcombs and Donald L. shaw in 1972.the theory says that the media (mainly the news media) aren’t always succeccful at telling viewers or readers what to think, however, they are successful at telling them what to think about. Agenda setting is the establishment of public awareness and concern of important issues by the news media. The theory elucidates the powerful influence of the media. The most widely used methods to test this theory are by content analysis of media . the most widely used methods to test this theory are by content analysis of media and interviews of audiences. In choosing and displaying…show more content…
In reflecting what candidates are saying during a campaign, the mass media may well determine the important issues – that is, the media may set the “agenda” of the campaign (McCombs, 2003). Basic/core assumptions The two basic assumptions on which the agenda setting theory is based on are: 1. the press and the media do not reflect reality; they filter and shape it; 2. media concentration on a few issues and subjects leads the public to perceive those issues as more important than other issues. Agenda setting occurs through a cognitive process known as “accessibility,” which implies that the more frequently and prominently the news media covers an issue, the more that issue becomes accessible in the audience’s memory (Iyengar & Kinder, 1987). Types There are three basic types of agenda setting according to Everett Rogers and J.W. Dearing (1988): 1. public Public agenda setting focuses on the audience’s agenda 2. media media agenda setting focuses on the influence of the mass media on the audience. 3. policy agenda setting. Policy agenda setting, deals with how media and public agendas might influence the decisions of elite policy…show more content…
But it is affecting our society in a negative and positive both ways and is changing the attitude of our society. Most print and electronic media houses have set their own agenda and act according to it. It does not publish all the content received by them. They weave the news to their own tune. Different media organizations have their own objective. They do all this for their own benefits either its link to their political affiliations, rating or for money. Capital plays a vital role in the agenda setting of any organization. Examples Radio During the 1963 and 1971 war between India and Pakistan, at that time tv was not that common so radio was the influential media medium. It was used to keep the moral of the Pakistani army and our local population high patriotic songs and speeches were broadcasted from radio

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