Agent 47 Vs Hitman

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The 2007 film Hitman had "gaming-like” features in many ways. In both the film and the game, the missions are set up in such a way so that Agent 47 can their attack the enemy with gun blazing or strategically planning out a standard method of killing in order to make it look like an accident. In both the film and the movie, Agent 47 uses a whole variety of guns, pistols, rifles, swords, explosives, and poisons. He tries to dispose the enemy by carefully observing these highly protected targets. In both the film and the movie, there is a notoriety system. If Agent 47 leaves behind fresh evidence, then in the next mission, it is going to be much easier for enemies to detect Agent 47. In both the film and movie, we saw Agent 47 hiding the bodies of his targets after killing them. One of Agent 47’s main ability is to change his clothing to disguise himself.…show more content…
In the movie, Agent 47 does travel in some places, but the majority of the time, the movie takes place in Russia. In the movie, we saw a flashback of Agent 47’s traumatic childhood days. In his flashback, we saw him as a child with other orphans being indoctrinated. In the game, we do not get childhood days. However, in the 2004 game “Hitman: Contracts,” we saw series of flashbacks of past jobs which Agent 47 still suffers from. In the movie, we are introduced to Nika, who Agent 47 interrogates her and discovers that that President of Russia has a body double. After deciding to not to kill Nika, Agent 47 travels with her and bound an unusual relationship with her. We do not see that in any of the games. Agent 47’s personalities change dramatically throughout the movie. Unlike the game where his character is one dimensional, Agent 47 cannot decide whether he is a cold blooded hitman or a confused man-child. The movie does follow the basic aspects of the video game that inspired
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