Agent Ava Ford Case Study

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Agent Ava Ford was at her desk flipping through past case files. The dark circles under her eyes are the aftermath of her most recent case in Los Angeles, California. As a FBI profiler for the BAU, agent Ford is constantly traveling. Now she is filing paperwork, enjoying the bitter taste of coffee going down her throat. As she finishes up her boss SSA Rossi Davis approaches her team, “Everyone head to the conference room. We have a case,” he says in a serious tone. They all sigh in unison. As they walk into the conference room Ford pulls up a chair and sits down.
“This month 's case is very serious and our unsub is kidnapping at a very alarming rate,” states their team’s tech analyst. She clicks on her computer ,and the faces of 12 young boys appear. “These 12 boys were abducted
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A man in his 40s approached them. “You must be the BAU. I’m chief Brown.”
“I’m SSA Willson and theses are Agents;Ford,Jackson,Davis,and Anderson,” Wilson said, “My team will need a room to use for sorting out evidence, preferably one with a whiteboard.”
“There’s one on your left, down the wall.The evidence is in there already.”
Once Brown left Wilson announced, “Ford, Anderson I want you to go to the newest crime scene, look for anything useful. JJ you should interview parents ,while Davis and I work on sorting out evidence and the geographical profile.”
After a chorus of “yes sirs” Anderson and Ava got into the SUVs and headed to the crime scene. A couple minutes later Ford got out of the car and proceeded to put on her gloves while ducking under the yellow crime scene tape. She and Agent Anderson flashed their badges at one of the police officers and began to examine the scene. “There was obviously a sign of a struggle. Broken glass everywhere,” said Anderson.
“Yeah,” Ford replied looking down at her case file, “says here there were also no signs of forced entry. Meaning the victim probably knew
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