Agent Locke Quotes From The Puritans

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The Naturals
Imagine being in the FBI, playing a game of cat and mouse chase with a murder. This was the situation in the book “The Naturals,” where Cassie, Dean, and Michael are trying to crack cold cases and they came across Cassie’s mother’s case. Together, they try sorting through every document they could get to figure out who the killer was. In the end, Agent Locke (their trainer) was behind multiple murders. The Puritans would approve “The Naturals” due the their pursuit of self reliance, their dedication of hard work, and their law-abiding personalities. The Puritans would approve of this book because of their pursuit of self reliance. Michael, Dean, and Cassie were joined together to solve cold cases and to stop murders from happening. In Chapter 34, Michael and Dean were aiming guns at each other, Locke shot Michael, and Dean was aiming at Locke. On page 295, Cassie says, “You tried to restage my mother’s murder, but you got it wrong, what you’re doing to these women isn’t the same as what I did to my mother.” Cassie surprised Locke and kept adding in details. “She was getting ready. Putting on her lipstick. Pretending she was
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Cassie was shown seven different pictures of crime scenes and dead bodies. This was to see if she was able to point out significant details and patterns. She was also being tested to see if she could pick out the killer. Also, among her first days being there, Cassie, Agent Locke, and Dean went to the mall and basically profiled people chosen at random. Back at the house, their training included mock crime scenes. The swimming pool had a taped body shape at the bottom and fake blood on the sides, but it would only be visible under a blacklight. Each day, everyone usually has set assignments. For Cassie, it was the mall, then the library, and finally the pool. Sometimes they would visit the mock crime scenes in the basement. Cassie accomplished many things
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