Agent Orange Act Of 1991 Essay

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Agent Orange is a dioxin, defoliant, and a mix of herbicides that have affected many people for the past 4 generations. During the Vietnam War the US military decided to spray this dioxin in the jungles of Vietnam and the Korean demilitarized zone to remove trees and dense tropical foliage that provided enemy cover. From the Vietnam War until now, many lives have been ruined and harmed due to Agent Orange and the people who have been exposed to this chemical have either had kids with birth defects or have obtained a disease or sickness as they age and through scientific research it was found that Agent Orange was the cause of these occurrences. Due to the many horrific damages from Agent Orange the US Congress had created the Agent Orange act of 1991 in order to help those who are eligible, receive certain benefits. Today I 'm going to be telling you several reasons why the Agent Orange Act of 1991 should be renewed for the next 5 years. First off, the act should be renewed in order for exposed victims live comfortably rather…show more content…
The US veterans ' didn’t have a choice but to obey their country orders even if It went against their ideas and morals. They still had to proceed with what they’ve been told. The consequence to this is that they have also been affected and it makes sense for their own country to compensate for what they have done and to pay for their service which resulted . The benefits that they receive by having this act will help families pay for medical expenses and other expenses that result from being disabled. For example , in 2011 Phillip morris a Vietnam veteran and his wife explained how their daughter , Dara, was born with a severe , mysterious birth defect that they believe was linked to Agent Orange exposure. And that they have been struggling with finding a diagnosis for over 30 years but have stopped looking due to financial
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