Agent Rider-Personal Narrative

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Three more guards stand in front of another, much more fortified door. A large computer monitor shows Alex, attached to more sensors than Fox cares to count. He 's sleeping, a calm expression on his face that reminds Ben of all the nights he coaxed Alex back to sleep after the teen had a nightmare.
Immediately, he pushes those images out of his head. Thinking of what used to be brings back the pain of Alex 's death--or disappearance, or whatever had happened--all over again.
"Can we go in?" he asks.
"Absolutely not," Mrs. Jones says immediately. "He 's dangerous. And, in this state, not exactly what I 'd call trustworthy."
He sighs. It 's a fair point. But he never really stopped missing Alex when he was gone, and it hurts to have him this
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"I refuse to interrogate him," she says firmly.
"Why?" Cohen demands. "He 's an internationally wanted criminal. You 've seen the files. You know what he 's done. He 's a monster."
Mrs. Jones remains impassive, though she can 't help but feel a pang at the word monster being applied to Alex. "He 's Alex," she says. "Agent Rider is one of our own."
"Not anymore. All due respect, ma 'am, but I think you have a bit of a blind spot-"
Mrs. Jones stands up suddenly, slamming her hands on the table--an unusually emotional display. "This is my decision, Cohen, and I say no interrogation! I 'm not daft, I haven 't completely disregarded it, I just refuse to permit it at this moment! There 's something here that doesn 't feel right, and if I can figure it out..."
"I think you 're making a mistake," Agent Cohen says bluntly. He stands. "If I may be dismissed?"
"You may," she says.
As soon as he leaves, she sits down and allows herself to slouch a bit, striving to calm her hands still shaking with anger. Maybe she does have a soft spot for Deathmask--Alex--but she thinks his lack of memory is something that can be fixed. Alex isn 't gone. She refuses to believe it. Refuses with all her heart.
The next morning, a much more calm, cool, and collected Mrs. Jones prepares herself to speak to the

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