Agentive And Interpellative Critical Race Theory

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Critical Race theory includes concepts of color blindness, unmarked whiteness, segregation, white supremacy and many other sub-categories that may be seen as a marginalization to people of color. Christopher Riley and Nancy Ettlinger conducted a study in Columbus, Ohio correlating to the Critical Race Theory. Klaeido High School in Ohio proved to be the ideal site because initially this school was predominantly black and white. New job opportunities arose in this community through policies changes that aided refugees with job placements. The community therefore had an influx of new residents such as and El Salvadorans; Mexicans and Samoans. This created a lot of tension in the school showing a program was needed to address multiculturalism. An after school program was created to teach the students about the different cultures. Later these program was included as part of history class due to low participation in the after school program.…show more content…
These students accepted that they did not have the same opportunities as the white children, even though in reality they were at the school with the same options. Two concepts used in this study included the Agentive and Interpellative approaches of Critical Race Theory. Interpellative Critical Race Theory puts an emphasis on an identity as singular and imposed, an example would be your one identity is only race. This concept separates each identity from the other. While, Agentive Critical Race Theory places the emphasis on multiple and mutable identities. This looks at the idea of several factors included in
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