Case Study Aggie Gems

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1. Aggie Gems was founded on 4 core values; leadership, sisterhood, community involvement, and personal development. Which core value do you think you embody the most and why?

I believe that I embody sisterhood the most. Growing up as an only child, I never understood what it was like to have a sisterly bond. It wasn’t until my family started to move around and I was transferred to difficult schools that I truly found the feeling of a sisterhood. At each new school, I always gravitated towards finding a supportive and loving group of girls. These girls made me feel so welcomed and comfortable with being myself. I feel so grateful to say that in every place I have lived I have found life-long friends that could make any place feel like home.
Upon reflection of the several amazing friendships I made growing up, I realized these connections were a sisterhood. We love, support, and motivate each other in every
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In what ways do you feel being involved in Aggie Gems will positively impact your life?

Aggie Gems will have an amazing impact on my life. Gems will help me find the supportive and motivating sisterhood that I have been look for at A&M. I hope to find a second home in Gems that I will always have place in. I would love to get to know all of the other girls and form lifelong friendships. Being able to share these connections would have an amazing impact on my college experience as a whole. I will also further develop my professional and leadership skills through Gems. This organization will provide me with an opportunity grow as a leader through the different committees. Working to help the community will also improve my professional skills by interacting with a diverse group of people. These experiences will be so valuable to me and I know I will grow as an individual by becoming a member of Gems. Overall, I hope to meet some great people and form new friendships while building up my leadership skills and giving back to the community through
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