Reality Show Aggresion

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Did you know that three hours a day of violent video games and television shows can raise aggresion? Television can be a problem because if it is a reality show then maybe younger viewers would think it is ok to be rude or violent to people because they do it on television. If you are already a rude child and you went to the surveys it would probably mess up some of the statistics. Both of these are problem because the world we live in now it is ok to have a telivision show about your family problems and it is ok to have video games where the goal is to assassinate people. These are common trends floating around the mainstream of people keeping up with these trends. The aggresion levels have raised twice as much since the 1990's and the number keeps going up. There are certain ways to tell if the person is or has became violent for example, if you test them in certain ways then they will show signs of aggresion.…show more content…
Backrounds behind the people that were surveyed showed that boys were more common to play the violent games to try and be more mature, so there would be feelings of trying to be a man and that includes being violent in a way. Say they were always treated violently then they would most likely become like that in anger or if they beleived that was the right way to raise someone. Another thing is the people you stay around can influence you. Friends can definitly influence how you feel about everything around
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