The Effects Of Aggression In Children With ADHD

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Name: Karla Velasquez
Topic: The effects of aggression in children with ADHD
Keywords: Aggression, ADHD, Children, Child aggression
Thesis Statement: A number of theories have been made in order to explain the relationship between children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and aggression. This essay will analyze and explain what effects aggression contributes to ADHD. Also, it will depict this concept in order to explain the subtypes that form aggression. In addition, this essay will provide insight on psychological and theoretical research that can discuss the implications of aggression. Similarly, possible approaches will be discussed in order to decrease the aggression that contributes with ADHD.
Reference summaries:
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Kitchens, S. A., Rosén, L. A., & Braaten, E. B. (1999). Differences in anger, aggression, depression, and anxiety between ADHD and non-ADHD children.

This study examines four different attributes between children with ADHD and children without it. This contributed to help understand the different emotions that associate with the diagnoses of ADHD. The different levels of aggression, depression, and other emotions renew the theory of why ADHD children are aggressive. The four attributes were studied in the range of different children. This study also correlates the teachers and mothers of the children to compare the change of environment. The studies revaluate that indeed a change of environment and the four different emotions contribute to ADHD.
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7. List, B. A., & Barzman, D. H. (2011). Evidence-based recommendations for the treatment of aggression in pediatric patients with attention deficit hyperactivity
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As ADHD is being researched, the discussion that oppositional behavior can be associated with the aggression shown by the children. In fact, it is concluded that the more opposition a child with ADHD receives, the more possible negative effect this feedback will be. Thus, the negative effect leads to premature aggression in form of frustration or anger. Anger is not aggression.
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9. Retz, W., & Rösler, M. (2009). The relation of ADHD and violent aggression: What can we learn from epidemiological and genetic studies?

This research explains the relationship of genes and the environment that children with ADHD are living in. Learning more about the connection of genes that make up attitude is a major key in this research. Although, the results of several studies determined that genes do not make up behavior, it is later approached in the environment in which the child is born into. Studying the certain behaviors the parents have with the child, the violent aggression rate can indeed be researched further in addition to genetics of each child. ADHD is examined as a trigger of aggression, but it is not directly lined up with being aggressive. Also, the discussions of certain behaviors that relate to ADHD children are analyzed with different studies. This research also has part assessing the theory of behavioral misconduct and children with
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