Aggressive Driving Behavior Essay

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One of society’s problems today, is the posing threat from individuals who show an aggressive driving style whilst in a motor vehicle. Road traffic accidents are currently a big reason for early deaths among adolescents (World Health Organization, 2017). According to the World Health organization in 2015 alone, nearly 115.000 youngsters died of the consequences of road injuries. A substantial amount of these accidents are due to reckless, aggressive driving behaviour as will be laid out in the following paragraphs.
When thinking about aggressive behaviour in traffic one must first understand what this entails. Aggressive behaviour whilst driving is shown in many different forms, for one the intention to cause physical or psychological damage
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But just the aspect that someone or something causes a certain reaction is not enough. When looking for a specific answer for what influences such a behaviour, it can be said that the frustration aggression model gives a good one. We can see from various sources of information that it is generally agreed that aggressive behaviour is most often triggered by a particular situation, event or person, (Tasca L, 2000), which stops an individual from achieving the goals that they wanted and expected to attain, (Berkowitz, 1989). When looking at the levels of frustration and aggression we see that this can vary according to an individual’s threshold of tolerance, the consequences involved and the unfairness or inappropriateness of the frustration, (Tasca, L., 2000). It is thought that frequent driving in frustrating conditions increases the level of aggression as opposed to those who drive less often in such conditions (Shinar, 1998). Often frustrations arise from other situations that affect an individual in such a way, yet the given individual is unable to display their frustration, leading them to disguise or misplace frustration until they are unable to do this any longer, again this then often comes out after another frustrating situation whilst driving becomes apparent (O´Brien, 2011). This then leading the person to become angrier then they would normally, because of the already available frustration and

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