Aggressive Driving In New Jersey

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As of 2015, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety stated, “Aggressive behavior accounts for more than half of all fatal vehicle crashes with in the United States” (AAA). This problem is a major one that needs to be taken care of. In 2013, the New Jersey State Police reported that “the state had received the fewest fatal car accidents in over 60 years” (NJSP). This is due to a higher police presence and stricter laws prohibiting aggressive driving. Will this higher police presence and stricter laws be able to stop aggressive drivers in the state of New Jersey? Evelyn Nieves article, “It’s Not Safe to Drive Badly in New Jersey” (March 30, 1997), claims that aggressive driving in New Jersey is a prominent and hazardous facet in this state. However, it will soon be reduced due to the increased amount of…show more content…
With her use of powerful imagery, Evelyn Nieves introduces her claim by sharing an encounter she and two state troopers had with an aggressive driver on Route 80. This aggressive driver was weaving in and out of traffic, proceeding at an astonishing 80 miles per hour. Nieves uses this event to inform the reader that aggressive driving in New Jersey is a serious matter that needs be addressed properly, in order to prevent future accidents and fatalities occurring within the state. She continues to state that a new statewide campaign has been enacted, called, “End of the Road for Aggressive Drivers” (Nieves). This program allows officers to alert the local police department of an aggressive driver in their territory. This then enables the officer to catch the perpetrator in the act and serve
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