Causes Of Homelessness Essay

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CAUSES OF HOMELESSNESS: POVERTY AND POOR PARENTING: Prolonged poverty affects a child personality development; poverty causes family dysfunction, stress among caregivers and inadequate parenting. Unemployment may have caused family poverty; some may inherit poverty because of being born into a particular family. Poverty causes family distress and affects the relationship between adults and which intend lead to less effective parenting that involves inadequate surveillance, lack of control over child’s behaviour, lack of warmth and support and inconsistency. DEATH OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN: The death of parents or guardian can cause a child to be homeless. The child may not be able to provide accommodation for his/her self…show more content…
5) Harsh weather conditions can make people become sick or even kill them. 6) Such individuals are likely unable to escape addiction. 7) Homeless persons are not fully welcome by the society. 8) It is often difficult for homeless persons to work in some occupations. CONSEQUENCES OF HOMELESSNESS ON THE STATE: 1) Reduction in valuable manpower. Since some people are relegated to the background because they are homeless, this causes shortage of valuable manpower as a result of social exclusion. 2) Since people are left idle and homeless because of joblessness, they are forced to be involved in crime such as theft and pick pocketing. 3) Homelessness increases state responsibilities. This may be as a result of natural disasters like floods and landslides increase state responsibilities because the government has to provide temporary residence to victims. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO HOMELESSNESS: IMPLEMENT WELFARE SERVICES: Most people are rendered homeless because they can’t pay their rents, welfare services should be implemented to enable people pay their rents when they fail or when they cannot meet up with their
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