Aggressive Parenting: Causes Of Parenting

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POVERTY AND POOR PARENTING: Prolonged poverty affects a child personality development; poverty causes family dysfunction, stress among caregivers and inadequate parenting. Unemployment may have caused family poverty; some may inherit poverty because of being born into a particular family. Poverty causes family distress and affects the relationship between adults and which intend lead to less effective parenting that involves inadequate surveillance, lack of control over child’s behaviour, lack of warmth and support and inconsistency.
DEATH OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN: The death of parents or guardian can cause a child to be homeless. The child may not be able to provide accommodation for his/her self and thus leads to homelessness.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS: Aggressive parenting causes a child to run away from the house and the child may even go and sleep in the streets.
ESCAPING AN ABUSIVE HOME: The fact that some parents take-in house helps from other families and maltreat them to run away.
RENT AREARS AND DEBT PROBLEMS: Failure to pay your rents in time and bad debts may cause the landlord to evict you from the house thus leaving you in homeless.
MENTAL ILLNESS: This may cause people to leave the house and start roaming the streets thus becoming homeless.

UNEMPLOYMENT AND NO LOCAL AFFORDABLE HOUSING: No job and lack of money to afford housing may also cause

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