Agile Project Management: Flexible Approach

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ntroduction Agile Project Management is one of the revolutionary methods introduced for the practice of project management. This is one of the latest project management strategies that is mainly applied to project management practice in software development In projects where requirements are likely to change during the project the traditional way to conduct a study and to succeed in project management seems to be uneffective. Agile Project Management was built to perform well during a changing environment in project management Agile Project Management belongs to the Flexible Approach of project management. In Agile Project Management, the project teams are really independant since they are able to accomplish what they want if they respect…show more content…
The understanding of such a project is facilitated by some tools such as writing on a board or using a software to define each step of the study and long the task will take to be fully accomplished. Thanks to those means, the whole units composed of Project Managers will be aware of the project timeline and development. What’s new in Agile PM ? There are many differences in Agile development model when compared to traditional models: The agile model emphasizes on the fact that entire team should be a integrated to the units and be fully aware of what have been already done. This includes the developers, sometimes the shareholders (in small companies), project management, and the customer. It helps to better understand what needs to be done to make the best project possible. Frequent communication is one of the key factors that makes this integration possible. Therefore, daily meetings are held in order to determine the tasks to accomplish and dependencies. The Project Manager often coordinate all the work and make a report at the end of the day to show the progress of the team and to define the objectives of…show more content…
For a software in a big company, for instance, a dashboard will be used to clearly define the problems during the project, how long the project will last and the link between the tasks. It helps the Project management teams and the company to better understand the software they are working on. Scrum & Agile Project Management Scrum is an agile methodology frequently used in software development. Scrum methods relies on a self-organizing, cross-functional team. The development team is very independent and can define the task as it want. The development team is composed of 3-9 Project Managers that are skilled for all the tasks of the project since they often can move from a tack to another. Scrum teams are supported by two specific roles. The first is a ScrumMaster, who can be seen as a leader for the team, helping team members use the Scrum process to perform well during the project. The second important role is the one of the product owner represents the stakeholders and represents the customer. The PO ensures that the team delivers value to the business and communicate with the stakeholders about the project about the milestones of the
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