The Effects Of Aging: Memory

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The Effects of Aging –Memory

Memory is the human’s ability to conceal, store, restrain, and subsequently recollect information and past moments of the human’s brain. Memory is everything a person remembers, and it is the story of things learned and retained from life activities and experiences. An example of a memory, we learn a new language by studying it, but we then speak it by using our memory to fetch the words that we have learned. Also, memory is used to restore information of a computer. In addition, there are three types of memory that everyone has including, sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. A memory gets affected by time which is a natural process that is seen in humans as well as animals. As people get
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The skin faces most changes, being the biggest organ of our bodies, due to it 's exposure to harsh environmental factors where the structure and the functions of the skin will be effected and changed

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People use social network in order to talk, share pictures, and take ideas and information. Somehow, social network have positive sides and negative sides that benefit and affect others. The positive side in the social network can benefit people by staying in touch with their relative and friends. Now days after the social media have been improved, many people started to shop through it. Social network is helping others to be informed about anything they need to know. People can also find jobs and opportunities through the social network. Social networking can be used to memorialize dead people to keep their memories and history, so it does not fade away. However, the negative sides on social network can have a lot of disadvantages that can ruin the society. For instance, people these days are communicating through social media instead of meeting up. People are spending all of their time using social media which is wasting their time and making them forget about the important things in life, family gatherings for example. People now days do not have privacy because they are sharing their lives’ stories through the social media. Many people use social network for some events as the only communication source such like, sending a letter that says ”Congratulation for your wedding” instead of going to the wedding itself. To conclude with, social network is an important source that a person might need in his day,

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