Aging And Aging

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Ageing is multidimensional change involving the physical, social as well as psychological aspects for an individual. Old age is generally an irreversible process, chronological, and a universal phenomenon and a challenge to everyone, who reaches it irrespective of sex, economic background, social background, race, ethnicity, profession, occupation, religion, skill or learning. Age can be also described as a progressive decline of the physical and mental function resulting in a simultaneous decline in both the capacity of body to maintain physiological balance as well as adaptability of the individuals to various stresses there by consequently increasing the chances of illness and mortality ( Marpady &et al, 2012) Neetu (2013) put aging by citing Becker (1959) as a complex process which includes anatomical, physiological, psychological and even social and economic changes. Randhawa (1987) stated aging by citing Becker (1959) in that ageing consists of two simultaneous components anabolic building up and catabolic breaking down. In the middle years there is an essential balance between expansion and decay, while growth predominates in youth; degenerative changes which start occurring very clearly in life pre-dominate in the late life span. Aging is a biological process through which every human being gone through regardless of any ground. Aging can be described as the process of growing old and is an intricate part of the life cycle. It is inevitable and irreversible process.

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