Miranda Esmonde-White's Aging Backwards

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In Aging Backwards, author Miranda Esmonde-White describes how aging is more of a lifestyle choice than a length of time growing old. Esmonde-White’s main goal in writing this book is to expand knowledge to individuals that the reason why we age is because of neglecting certain areas on our bodies. Every muscle in our body is the key to living a long life. According to Esmonde-White (2014), “An organelle called mitochondria, is the powerhouses of cells. If the mitochondria keeps running; our muscles, bones, hearts, lungs, and skin can enjoy energy of youth, right up until our final days” (p. 4). In her book she explains how and why we age, how we can stay young and healthy, and then describes the eight age-reversing workouts. Her secret to staying young and aging backwards is not doing the casual exercise, but to stretch.
Miranda Esmonde-White is best known for her PBS show called Classical Stretch, which has been airing since 1999. Today
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At first it was confusing because she talked a lot about Essentrics first and kept saying she would explain it later on in the book. She was hyping the Essentrics program a lot in the beginning saying how thirty minutes a day can help pain, slow aging, heal injuries and so on. After reading the first couple of pages, the book was getting repetitive and I wanted to know what the thirty minutes exercise were already. On the other hand the hype of Essentrics was actually worthy because that was her hook in the book. Reading the first couple of pages in the first chapter was interesting and deep explaining in a cellular level how our bodies work. Then again she would tease in every other pages on how the Essentircs would benefit from a lot of slips in the body. I think I would have skimmed through the book if she did not explain the success of Essentrics and what it does. Overall it was well written and how the information was written caught my eye and kept me
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