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Aging makeup is one of the oldest techniques to create a texture on a complexion with makeup. As is understandable from its name, the main point here is to make a person look older with all the wrinkles, blemishes, dark and light tones. Aging makeup is a step-by step process that brings oldness at the end. No matter what the products are, or how beautiful the face is, makeup can’t be applied right without a clean skin. So, the first rule of stage makeup is to start on clean, purified skin. Use a gel cleanser according to the skin type, then cleanse the complexion with water while applying the gel, massaging with fingertips. Then, pour some facial toner on a cotton ball and wipe all over the face with it, until the darkness (dirt) is seen on the ball. After that, use a moisturizer that meets the skin’s requirements. While dry oils, intense-constructed creams and facial balms are standing for dry skin, light-formulated creams or oil-free moisturizers can work better for oily complexions. For men, use either cold cream or vaseline.…show more content…
If it seems too old or too fake, take a clean makeup sponge and with small touches, soften the look. Or, if it doesn’t look old enough, take the matte eyeshadow and use it to deepen the lines. Then take the highlighter, and a proper brush with it. It can be a fan or a crease shadow brush, but there are also special artistic brushes just for highlighting. If there aren’t any, use the sharp part of a clean makeup sponge. The reason for using highlighter is because an elder’s face looks more “highlighted” than a young person. (CoyMakeup) Dust your applicator into highlighter, and apply it to the upper lip, (on the “triangle” part of it), on cheekbones, under the chin, on forehead as a triangle, right under the brows and on the bridge of the nose. Thereafter, gently contour the face by applying the bronzer or matte brown powder beginning from the hairline to under the

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