Essay On Millennial Generation

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“We are too young to work at now”. This is the main stance of the millennial generation, as they are not yet ready to work. The aging population is the global issues, faced by almost every country, especially the European countries and in the North America. Whereas, in most of Asia and the South American regions the aging population is not an issue as they are enjoying high birth rates and high death rates. Canada is one of the countries who are faced with demographic change of aging population, which is an issue for these countries as the future economic well-being is dependent upon the future population (generation). To maintain the economic growth and development of an economy in the future, it depends upon the future availability of workforce. According to the World Economic Forum (2012) report, the world issue of aging, which is the unpredicted increase in the age of people…show more content…
As the mandatory retirement age is increased, and there are fewer jobs as they require experience. On the other hand the people are leaving the jobs before the mandatory retirement age, and take early retirement. This is the result of unemployed benefit policy of government, and the pension plans. The labor participation rate is badly affected as shown a declining trend, which is due to early retirement o baby boomers and lack of willingness to do the job and high turnout ratio of the millennial”. In response to this the millennial argued that,” We won’t stick to the work until we recognize our capabilities and expertise, and get the desired job, with lucrative pay. We need training from the side of employer, and want adequate job opportunities to choose from”. The baby boomer concluded by saying that,” The employer wants to cut the costs of the business, and might hesitate to train you in order to save the effort, time, and money as well. So, the employer would most probably retain the existing worker than employ the new
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