Aging Stereotypes

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No matter how old you are, everyone has a purpose. Aging is a topic of discussion that has been started to be studied more due to the aging population that has surfaced. Ageism refers to “the negative attitudes, stereotypes, and behaviours directed toward older adults based solely on their perceived age”. There are so many fictional representations of later life and these are what perpetuate serotypes of aging. The topic of aging has been something that I am extremely passionate about as I feel that people stigmatize against the idea of aging and people whom study or have careers dealing with older adults especially seniors. I feel as though the social world stigmatizes against the aging population as they look at it in a negative perspective. People in the past would view older beings as role models and heroic figures and treat them with uttermost respect as they were people who had life experiences and were capable of taking care of their family. In today’s day people look at seniors in a negative way because of the stereotypes that have been around aging as a person get older. Whenever…show more content…
With these perceptions it challenges stereotypes aging and leisure activities for seniors. In the study, it was found that older adults largely outnumbered in fictional sources. There were the same unrealistic stereotypes in Western culture like “dependent, vulnerable, poor, worthless, asexual, isolated, drained on society”. Older adults tend to be viewed as “old” because of their age and implications of the body. These fictional representations like gendered ageism, age appropriate leisure activities, loss of sexual desire are some representations in which enlighten and challenge stereotypes. With having these misrepresentations of aging, it creates leisure activities to be
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