Aging To 90 + Years: Video Analysis

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When thinking about life expectancy many people including myself think about the commonly associated factors like exercising, being smoke-free and such. However, knowing some of the contributing factors of longevity and practicing them are two different things. While I may know what is beneficial for my well-being and how it may increase chances of longevity, it does not ensure that I will live my life accordingly. In fact whenever I do consciously think about living a better lifestyle most of the time I am thinking presently and never consider how beneficial it would be later in life. In the video Aging to 90+ Years they mention some of the lifestyle factors that are associated with either long or short life. In addition completing the longevity…show more content…
While they did mention commonly known factors like staying active and socializing, they also mentioned some surprising factors like moderated drinking of alcohol and coffee. In Aging to 90+ Years they characterize staying active as completing at least fifteen minutes of physical activities a day and at best forty-five minutes. While many of us can don’t stay active due to how vigorously we think we have to exercise, they mention that it can be minimal exercise (Johnson, 2014). The two main points they mention in Aging to 90+ Years that contribute to longevity are staying active, which can be characterized in exercise but also staying active socially. The idea of staying active falls into the activity theory of aging as authors Moody and Sasser (2015) mention “that the more active people are, the more likely they are to be satisfied with life” (pg. 12). On the other hand in Aging to 90+ Years they also mention some of the factors that contribute to a short life. One of those factors being smoking and lack of an active life. In addition in the longevity game they also mention smoking takes years away from one life leaving less chances of

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