Aginging Theory: The Next Step Theory And The Timeless Theory

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Explain aging theories, including the Next Step Theory and the Timeless theory The next step aging theory involves dividing life into certain stages where specific rights, privileges, and opportunities are reached. This theory as soon as infancy. Toddlers are unable to comprehend an adult’s age, but they are aware that kids who attend school are older than they are. The children in early elementary see the big kids walking the hallways by themselves and switching classrooms. Therefore, they see the upper elementary aged kids as older. Kids in upper elementary see students in middle school who are in an entirely new building and facing new challenges. Students in middle school see students in high school and recognize they are older and at a different stage in life than they are. Next, underclassmen in high school realize they have fewer opportunities than the upperclassmen who get to take more elective classes and be involved in planning committees. The upperclassmen in high school are looking towards their next steps and view college students as older. Freshmen in college are making a huge adjustment to life as a university student and view the upperclassmen as older. Seniors and college graduates are searching for jobs and view those with a real job in their field rather than an internship as older. People who have developed a career view people who are married as older. Then people who are married eventually view people with children as older. People with children will

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