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Title Business Strategy: Formulation & Implementation of Business Strategy Course Title: Business Strategy Unit no: 7 Unit Code: A/601/0796 Student Name: Student ID: Submission Date: Executive Summary In this assignment a retailer superstore named Agora Retailer superstore in BD has been selected for applying the different techniques and tools of the strategic management. In the early part of this paper, the vision, mission, goals and objectives have been identified of the selected firm. Moreover, this section also covers the…show more content…
It has to collect the goods from all reputed and branded companies. For this reason, costs for brand switching are much more. The Intensity of Competitive Rivalry: From the SWOT analysis, we have seen that there are some close competitors of Agora in the market. They are providing same services and environment to their customers. Because of the geographical distance, the competition is not so high. Threat of new entrants and substitutes: For starting such super store, it does not require a huge capital but needs a skilled and efficient management team. So, there is big treat of new entrants and substitutes. Bargaining power of buyers: Today, buyer exercises high power in case of every product in the competitive markets. So, the products of Agora have a number of alternatives in the markets. That is why the customers of Agora exercise high bargaining power. 2.3: Stakeholders of my chosen organization and their expectation. The stakeholders of a companies or organizations are those persons who are directly and indirectly benefited by the activities of it. So, the main stakeholders of Agora are as follows:…show more content…
The structure of the management is not as complex as any company. The most of the people are working in the midlevel and lower level. The mil level managers should supervise the activities of the lower level managers and making them understand about their core duties. 4.2: An Evaluation of the process required by Agora to effectively implement the proposed business strategies. The evaluation of the process can be done by applying some criteria to determine the performance of applied process in the business. For the evaluation of the proposed process of Agora, it should be included the ins and outs of the process. The strategies that have been offered by the firm are consistent with the vision, mission and objectives of Agora based on resources, times and the existing position of the firm. By applying these strategies, the firm would be able to exploit all the available opportunities to augment the extra revenue with the existing ones. It would also helps to hold a better market position for Agora. The firm has available physical and human resources to implement the proposed

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