Agrarian Political Party

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I would like to inform you that as a new citizen of America you should strongly consider the Agrarian political party over the Commercialist party. This political affiliation can be the basis of success with your newly purchased farm due to the fact that cultivating is the main source of wealth. The Agrarian ideas assures higher success for employment especially for unskilled laborers as well as stewardship practices that will leave land well maintained for future generations. It also allows for complex social structures and greater density of populations. It is also a party that stands for the people and with the people to protect individual liberty, I will explain how as you read on. I strongly support the Agrarian party because it supports farmers agriculture and…show more content…
The Bill of Rights was written by president James Madison in response to obtain great constitutional safety for individual liberties. Madison wrote the ten Amendments that basically placed specific limits on government power. Federalist argued that the people and state kept any unused power not given to government power but the Anti Federalist rejected this idea to protect personal liberty. The Amendments acted as a basis of freedom for people in some states but did not fully help all of America until the fourteenth Amendment was passed. As a result of all of this the Bill of Rights gave people the freedom to speak their mind and not get in trouble for it. If we did not have this right then Heroes like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and Eleanor Roosevelt would have never came in to play. The Agrarian party supports and protects the people and the government but keeps both sides balanced and that’s how it should be in an relationship between government and the people in my own personal opinion. In response to this letter I firmly believe that the Agrarian party is much more ethical and valuable to the
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