Agricultural Revolution Research Paper

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Thousands of years ago humans were nomads, constantly moving around following a single food source such as a herd of animals. The humans would follow the herd hunting the animals, they would pick berries, pull up roots, and gather plants, when the herd had left the area, and all of the food had been depleted, the nomads would pack up their shelters, and their children and move on to a new area. However over the course of time, the nomads started noticing that when they would go back to a location they would notice that in place of the seeds that they had discarded several months ago, there were plants. Over the course of time the nomads would catch on to the idea that by placing seeds into the ground and manipulating the area around it so that water could…show more content…
While at the same time in South America the people grew plants that required less water, often root vegetables such as potatoes and yams. Based on their locations and their environments, different groups of people experienced the agricultural revolution differently. There were many locations where the agricultural revolution took place independently, many of these locations grew different foods, domesticated different animals, and learned different farming techniques that were all based on their location. For example, in modern day China, one of the places where the agricultural revolution took place independently of the rest of the world. The people in China domesticated plants like millet, rice, and soybeans. The people in China also domesticated animals, it is speculated that the people in China may have domesticated pigs. Another location that experienced the agricultural location independently of the rest of the world was Mesoamerica. The people of Mesoamerica cultivated plants like beans, maize, squash, and sweet potatoes. The people of Mesoamerica domesticated animals like
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