Technological Changes In Human Civilization

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Human civilization evolved over a period of time. People’s life, behaviour and adoption have been changed from gathering and hunting to urbanization stage. In the beginning, people were depending on gathering and hunting then they reached the stage of cultivation of crops and this way agriculture began. At that time people did agriculture from bare hands, later on, plough developed. At that time, agriculture production is low because of lack of agricultural knowledge and technological inputs were also low which bind the whole family to work in agriculture fields. After 1750s industrial revolution began and it led to advances in agricultural technology that greatly increased food production, which allow other people to pursue other work. At that time horsepower came into use and machinery like steam engine used in the agricultural process. Tractors were used for ploughing. In 1701 Jethro Tull’s used drill ways of sowing seed in rows, in the place of broadcasting. The industrial revolution changed the whole pattern of agriculture. This phase is also known as agriculture revolution in the modern world. Technology is the main driving force for this…show more content…
Technological changes happen in those areas where the technological adoption took place. Andrew D. Foster (2010) defines “technology adoption is defined as a situation in which there are substantial unrealized gains to the use of a new technology or expansion of input use. It is thus generally reflected in a high return to adoption or input use at the relevant margin” . Feder et al. (1985) work mentioned that major work on technology adoption focused on low-income countries. They are the thrust of the research. The green revolution began at the 1930s to 1950s in developed countries whereas in 1960s it began in developing countries. Green technology is a package technology which works in a combined
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