Essay On Agriculture In The Middle Ages

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The agricultural technology that was invented during the medieval ages resulted in social and economic developments which affected the lives of those living in that period. The new machinery allowed the townspeople to grow a surplus of food and in result learn new specialties and trades. “When these people could produce a surplus, they were freed to do other things, which provided the basis for towns, cities, and civilization”( Civilian life was made more comfortable because of the advancements that were made through the ages.
New agricultural technology changed the early middle ages for the better. The agricultural revolution of the middle ages meant a technical advance in farming which makes lives of those involved
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The plow horse was a horse that had on horseshoes, a horse collar, and was selectively bred. The horseshoe let the horse work hard without the hooves cracking, while the horse collar acted as a barrier to make the horse pull the heavy load from their chest instead of straining their neck. The horses being selectively bred allowed the peasants to gain two more hours in the work day because the horses were stronger and faster. Overall, the innovations allowed the peasants to have an easier time going through the agriculture process.
There were many economic and social changes that occurred in the Late Middle Ages. The now rich soil brought about by the agricultural revolution let the crops give the nutrients which helped peasants withstand childbirth and live longer, leading to an increase in population. Since the Europeans were able to feed their families from the excess food, it allowed them to find time to learn new trades and develop new skills.
The businesses increased from the expansion of the population of those living in cities and towns. They were given land from the king through an agreement called a charter. The charter was a contract like document that stated that a business would have control over a certain piece of land. Businesses began establishing quickly throughout the land which helped the nation develop

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