Agriculture Contribution To Climate Change

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Organic Agriculture and its Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
In order to overcome the recent climate change challenge and promote sustainable development in order to preserve the environment healthier and keep it to be the home for future generation as well as present generation, it is expected that from current generation to take responsibilities and accordingly by cooperating with each other. Therefore the first and most important action that should be applied is mitigating climate change which have the capacity to impact on agriculture which on which the livelihood of almost all of the world’s population depend on. The objective of this term paper is therefore to review literatures that deal on agricultural system
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As we all notice that, the challenges of the 21st century generation are climate change and its impact on food security (IFOAM 2009). Agriculture, on which the livelihood of most developing county depends on, is act as contributor and victim of climate change and its unpredictable impact (IPCC 2007). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that agricultural activity is accountable for 10- 12 percent, about 5.1-6.1 Gt CO2 global green house gas emission caused by clearing of primary forests and emissions by deforestation due alteration of forested land to agriculture, this figure excludes the application of agricultural inputs such as nitrogen fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and fossil fuel used for agricultural machinery, irrigation, which accounts for an additional 12 percent of the global GHG emissions, which can be additionally allocated to agricultural contribution (IPCC 2007; Scialabba and Lindenlauf 2010). Thus, agricultural production practices emit about 1/4th of global human induced GHG emissions and this figure is anticipated to be escalated further in the future unless measures to reverse the situation are applied (IPCC…show more content…
Thus, reducing the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere is principal action to counteract climate change and global warming. The fourth assessment report of IPCC (2007) also reiterated that, to reduce potential climate change exposure, different kinds of adaptation and mitigation option should be well-designed, otherwise the vulnerability which will be caused by climate change will be deteriorated because of its impact on sustainable development (IPCC, 2007). Especially countries situated in the tropics and dependent on agriculture will be highly affected so as the communities will be deprived due to the loss of agricultural production (UNCTAD/WTO

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