Agriculture Finance Case Study

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Abstract: Agriculture finance is crucial for the development of agriculture sector. There small, medium and large scale farmers in Karnataka. There is continuous requirement of funds by small and medium scale farmers. Money lenders provide funds at high interest. Thus institutional financing agencies like commercial banks, Co-operative banks and Regional Rural Banks provide finance to farmers. The paper is an attempt to understand the scenario of agriculture finance in Karnataka. The researcher used secondary source of data like print and online journals, newspapers and reports. The study found that there is constant support from all financial institutions in providing the credit. There is growth in issue of Kisan Credit Cards as well.
Key words: Agriculture, Institutional finance and Kisan credit Card
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Enhanced and stable growth of the rural area depends on various factors like agriculture development, industry development and other service oriented industries. The development of agriculture is crucial as majority of the population in rural areas depend on it. The agriculture sector has been contributing lot to the growth of the nation by providing employment opportunities to the rural people. The productivity of this sector depends on the availability of funds at reasonable cost. Commercial banks, Cooperative banks and other micro financial institutions are the players in agricultural finance. There is exclusive agriculture budget in

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