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Problem Statement
Agriculture is the primary employment of majority of rural poor in developing countries of Africa (IFRI, 2011). It also serves as their main source of income and livelihood. Agriculture has been identified as a panacea to the economic quagmire that Nigeria and other countries of the world have found themselves. Basically, the role of agriculture is developmental in nature : it is concerned with strengthening the ability of farmers and farming communities to produce and market agricultural goods in order to sustainably generate both food and income (Agulanna et al., 2013).
Although agriculture has made remarkable progress in the past decades, not much progress has been made in improving the nutrition and health of poor farmers in developing countries (Asenso-Okyere et al., 2009).While agriculture has the potential to be a strong driver of reductions in undernutrition and ill-health, the sector is currently not realizing this potential (Ruel et al., 2013; Gillespie et al., 2013; Balagamwala and Gazdar, 2013; Kadiyala et al., 2014) Agriculture can deliver relatively high economic returns to investment which benefit nutrition and health (Hoddinott, 2011; Ruel et al., 2013).
Malnutrition and ill heath in the farming community can reduce agricultural outcomes. Ill health results from under nutrition, as well as over-nutrition, despite increased global food production over recent years, malnutrition is still a major global public health problem, causing over 15%

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