Agriculture In Agriculture

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Do you ever look around at any public place and see almost every person within eyesight on a cellphone or a tablet? Do you ever wonder what those people are looking at and what the purpose is? Maybe contemplating what could possibly be so interesting that no one can look up from their screens? I will admit that I have been one of those people and I often still am, but I still wonder what others find so intriguing on their phones or tablets. Most of the people that you see on their phones and other devices are using some type of social media. Social media is used to connect people with their family and friends. But how does social media play a role in agriculture awareness? What ways is agriculture portrayed through social media? Agriculture is portrayed in many different ways through social media. Some organizations, such as PETA, portray agriculture as being a harmful and corruptive practice that needs to be halted. Other organizations such as FFA promote agriculture. Many farmers have been found to use social media to advertise their products or to keep themselves up-to-date on the newest agricultural opportunities and technologies. The most used social media site by farmers is Facebook (Wilson, 2016). There are also some websites that are solely informational and just keep people in-the-know about all things agriculture. Some farmers also use specific sites to find like-minded people to partner with. Farmers often face brutal criticism on social media
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