Agriculture In Bangladesh Case Study

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Chapter One
1.1 Preamble
Agriculture sector plays a vital role not only in securing food supply and economic development of countries of the world but also in improving the living standard people of Bangladesh (Roy and Hamid, 2014). But it has remained undeveloped for its agricultural output owing to the be short of development in industrial sector and the scarcity of natural resources. Though in numerous countries has been massive growth in agriculture through the make use of of modern science and knowledge whereas Bangladesh is still to a great extent dependent on the conventional tools without transition of modern agricultural technology. Bangladesh has the benefit of normally a sub-tropical monsoon climate. Bangladesh has been well-known for growing huge diversity of tropical crops mainly rice, potato, wheat, jute, sugarcane, pulses, oilseeds so on . In this sub continent potato was introduced in the sixteenth century. Potato is one of the majorities important food crops which grown-up in more than 100 countries in the globe. More than billion people consume potato globally a distaste half a billion people in developing countries. Potato position fourth in the world and third in Bangladesh with respect to food production. Because of the edible protein content, edible energy, dry matter and potato is considered nutritionally a better vegetable as well as an pliable food item not

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