A Very Brief History Of California And The Agriculture Industry

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California may have gained statehood on September 9, 1850, but the roots that the early Spaniards created, has made California the mecca it is today. California is very diverse state it has desserts, mountains, and is next to the ocean. This creates endless possibilities for growth in many different economy drive industries to flood this great state. The major industries that have made California this mecca are the movie studio system, the aerospace industry, and the agriculture business. In my option the most important industry in California is the agriculture business, I will try not to bore you with my two cents on this topic. Agriculture is a major industry for the Golden State. With 80,500 farms and ranches, California agriculture is a …show more content…

It all started when Juniprio Serra started the mission system, all he wanted to do was save the souls of all the people. While doing this they had to come up with ways to sustain the mission with food supplies and water. They were able to work with Indians to learn how to irrigate water from rivers to the crops. Which would allow them to grow crops during the entire year. They also had huge amount of cattle that they would raise for tallow, hides, and a sufficient source of protein. They would also trade with this livestock to keep the missions afloat. The Spaniards built twenty-one missions through out California, which were all one day apart to get to. As Spain started to neglect California and would not send needed supplies, the mission system had to create a way to create an economy, which did not rely on Spain. During this time the missions had minimal defense against the native tribes that did not appreciate them being there and the native had the upper advantage because they new the land very well and did not rely on guns. As time went on the attacks stopped, then manifest destiny began which was the start to California getting put on the map of the United …show more content…

Well now we have a train that can bring our produce and crops across the United States, and California has a very tame climate especially near the coast. It is home to more then three hundred and fifty different plants that can be grown. In present time California is home to some of the biggest agriculture business such as Foster farms, Harris Ranch, and Blue Diamond. These companies ship their product all around the world, more then half of the nations, fruits, nuts, and vegetables come from California. The only problem that California runs into is the fact that we do not have a sufficient source of natural water. We have to take water from different lakes and rivers around the state and we even get water from other states. When we are not able to get sufficient water, we can always change the crops we are growing to acclimate to our weather

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