Agriculture In Tennessee Research Paper

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“Why is Agriculture Important In Tennessee?” Agriculture, the basis of the world’s food source, is a very large portion of the average American’s diet; as well as the main source of clothing material. Agriculture is important in Tennessee for this reason. Agriculture is not only crops, but includes the entirety of merchandise on a farm. The diet of the average American includes a massive amount of these resources. The economy of Tennessee greatly relies on agriculture. As reliable as agriculture is, natural disasters can be the disaster of society. Agriculture is a very large portion of society itself. Many people think that agriculture is just crops. Even though, agriculture includes the animals on a farm, the crops, the products of the…show more content…
Of this proportion, that is 16%. That is not including the milk, eggs, fruit, and other baking products that make up a great portion of agricultural goods. Not to mention, there is over 100 ways to cook an egg. Agriculture brings up a large portion of America’s subsistences. Even the everyday junk-food, such as chips have agricultural goods included in the manufacturing process. The economy in Tennessee has a massive outcome of agricultural manufactured products. The everyday clothing trend is even an agricultural manufactured product, some examples are cotton, wool, jute, silk, and ramie. This makes up an abundance of the clothing that most people wear today. Paper is also an agricultural product. Yes, most people are using computers today, but paper is still at a daily usage rate. Have you ever thought about the jobs that agriculture provides? Agriculture gives us food, clothing, and jobs? Correct! Agriculture reflects on everyone’s job, especially those who govern agriculture daily. Agriculture is the base of society itself, and is a very reliable source. No matter how reliable agriculture is, natural disasters can be the disaster of society. Droughts, wildfires, tornadoes, etc, can cause food sources, jobs, and even money to be put on hold. In Tennessee where 44% of the area is farmland, that can cause a cataclysm, and tragic
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