Agriculture Vs Hunter-Gathering Essay

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Hunting-gathering lifestyle changed to agriculture approximately 10 000 years ago. This change is considered to be one of the biggest ones in the history of human kind. During this era human learned to build, write, do mathematics etcetera. Did this new way of living have any similarities to the old one? What are the differences that made farming society so different from hunter-gatherer’s society?
Hunter-gatherers and farming societies had totally different lifestyles. Hunter-gatherers moved very often, because there was not enough food in the same place for a long time. Farmers had their farms so there was no purpose of moving. Since they had permanent houses, they could storage their food, so it could be regulated. The different lifestyles
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Usually this kind of believing causes hierarchy, because different jobs are not equally appreciated. For example, priests were part of upper class, which got more free time and a bigger variety of foods. In hunter-gatherer societies people were animistic, which means that they did not have any gods.
However, there are some similarities between these societies. In both, hunting-gathering and farming, societies people had families. They were different from each other, for example they had different amount of kids. Still, both had families. These families formed communities, where people had to cooperate to survive. They worked together to get food, so that they won’t have to die. Lastly, both of these societies marked down some important things. Hunter-gatherers did cave paintings and farmers had hieroglyphs and later some kind of a written languages.
After all these communities were very much different from each other. They did have some similarities, because both were humans. As a conclusion, hunter-gatherers had equality in the society, they were healthy and they did not stay at the same place for a long time. Farmers lived in permanent cities, had many kinds of inequality and they were not healthy, because of the
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