Agritourism And Tourism

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This comes in the form of taxes that the government gets to collect from businesses that are involved in the tourism industry (Croes, 2003). The economy of a country also benefits from a strong tourism industry because it encourages the influx of foreign reserves into the country through a higher level of spending (mostly by foreign visitors) within the country (Narayan, Narayan, Prasad, & Prasad, 2010). In general, it would be safe to suggest that a person’s perception about the impact of the tourism industry or any of the niches under it on a country would depend on how he thinks it (tourism industry) would have an effect on the economy (Epler, 2007). A positive perception on the economic impacts of an independent variable would, in theory, be equated to a positive overall perception about and therefore support for tourism and would therefore lead to more community member support for its development. The economic benefits of agritourism can come in many forms. In general, the higher the volume of goods and people that can be moved from one place to another, the more profitable a potential agritourism operation will be. According to the findings of a study that was featured in the 7th Silk Road International Conference, a country’s tourism industry is dependent in many ways on the transportation sector, specifically on the availability and dependability of public or mass transportation services and the efficiency by which they are operated (Mamadov, 2012). This is mainly

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